Children at the churchTo a lot of visitors, this is the greatest and most unexpected aspect of visiting Chuuk and due to us being a small, friendly, and unsophisticated travel destination. A visitor often becomes an island guest when there is a function or social event held or hosted at the Truk Stop.

Chuukese traditionWedding receptions, church functions, birthday and anniversary parties, and a wide range of other social events take place at the Truk Stop on a regular basis. Guests who happen to be staying at the hotel during these events are often invited to be a guest at these events.

It is the island way and our custom to include the visitor in our social events and functions. This happens frequently and it is often the highlight of a visitor's trip to Chuuk. It's not just the free food and beverage the visitor enjoys, but rather the opportunity to meet, mix and mingle with local and expatriate residents in an informal, social setting.

A typical example is the Truk Stop annual Christmas Party and it is quite an event. All the various departments are required to perform some entertainment and these performances are judged with the winning department receiving some reward. Our hotel guests are not only invited to attend, but to participate as well by being judges of the talent.

So, you just never know when you will be part of a social event when staying at the Truk Stop Hotel.

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