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Land Tour

Mangroves of Truk LagoonChuuk has a living culture plus a rich World War II history that is very visible today and well worth seeing. The Truk Stop offers a land tour of Weno Island that last about 4 hours and winds it way slowly through the past, the present, and gives just the slightest glimpse of the future.

The tour gives the visitor an excellent view of our town, stores and businesses, land, housing and structures, agriculture, our people, and the influence of past influences that impacted our lives.


Snorkeling is alive and well in Truk Lagoon and while not commonly known, there are than 15 sunken wrecks and planes that are accessible to the non-scuba diver who wants to see and touch our submerged history.

And, because we are world famous for our wrecks, visitors often forget that the Truk Lagoon is 40 miles in diameter and this translates to over 100 miles of virtually unexplored reefs.

Chuukeese woman with flowers
Be An Island Guest

To a lot of visitors, this is the greatest and most unexpected aspect of visiting Chuuk and due to us being a small, friendly, and unsophisticated travel destination. A visitor often becomes an island guest when there is a function or social event held or hosted at the Truk Stop.

Wedding receptions, church functions, birthday and anniversary parties, and a wide range of other social events take place at the Truk Stop on a regular basis. Guests who happen to be staying at the hotel during these events are often invited to be a guest at these events.

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