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Getting to Chuuk

Chuuk (formerly called Truk or Truk Lagoon) is one of four States which comprise the Federated States of Micronesia. Physically located at 7.30 degrees North Latitude and 151.45 degrees Longitude, Chuuk is just north of the equator, about half way between Hawaii and the Philippines, and only 633 miles southeast of Guam.

Historical Brief

Between the years 1896 and 1944 the Spanish, Germans, and the Japanese occupied Chuuk and all had their own impact and influence on this small group of islands. If you spend any time in Chuuk you will encounter names and words that come from this period, but none more than Japanese.

Chuuk was effectively cut off from the outside world from 1936 until the end of World War II. On February 17 th and 18 th of 1944, the U.S. military carried out air and sea strikes on Truk Lagoon sinking over 45 warships, damaging many others, and destroying more than 250 aircraft that were caught on the ground during the attacks.

Helpful Local Information

Entry Requirements: Passports are now required for International travel and entry into Chuuk requires presentation of a valid passport. U.S. Citizens may enter without restrictions. All citizens of other countries must have an onward or outbound ticket and are allowed an initial stay of 30 days unless they are coming to work with valid Work & Entry Permits.

The United States requires citizens of some countries to have a Visa or Transit Visa to pass through the United States and/or its Territories, which include Guam. If you are unsure about the requirements for you to travel through Guam because of your Nationality, check with your Embassy.

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